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Dear Saints of God,

Tonight we made a decision to pay for the surgery of a child born with cleft. We did this in the name of the Alma House of Prayer. The surgery will possibly be performed within the next 24 hours. This child could have a brand new smile before we set down to dinner tomorrow evening. We wanted to let you know where a portion of your contributions to the Alma House of Prayer are being sown. We will have a picture of the successful surgery to share with you in the next few months.

Below is a list of the services that will be provided to this child. We pray that this young life will never be the same. We pray that the Spirit of God will draw this young life closer to Jesus than they have ever been.

Free Cleft Surgery:

Free Medical Equipment & Infrastructure Support:

Free Ancillary Treatment:
Every child with cleft needs more than just surgery. We are paying for speech therapy sessions, dental and orthodontic work and much more.

Financial Aid For Poor Patients:
Some of the patients are so malnourished they are not healthy enough to be operated on and are provided food for one to two weeks before surgery. Some of the patients are so poor they have no money to get home after surgery. Sometimes they have no shoes and no money for food. We are supporting special programs that give small stipends for these poorest of the poor.

The following is a thank you note to the Alma House of Prayer:

Dear Alma House of Prayer,
I want to personally thank you for your life-changing support to help poor children receive the free cleft surgery their families could never afford.
I also want you to know how honored we are that you have chosen to support our mission. Friends like you are truly changing the world for hundreds of thousands of boys and girls born with clefts. Thanks to you, these children are receiving new smiles and second chances at life.
Most of the children we help can be scheduled for surgery within 24 hours. Many of our patients shed tears of joy when their surgery is completed, knowing that their long nightmare of living with a cleft is finally over.
I wish you could be there to see the children smile for the first time in their lives — it would warm your heart and reaffirm the importance of reaching out to children. Instead, I will send you a photo in a few months of a child who was helped by your generosity so you can see the permanent difference you’ve made in his or her life.
Just imagine the joy you’ve brought to a poor family by reaching out across the world — doesn’t that bring a smile to your face, too? Many thanks again from our small staff here at Smile Train — and the 100,000+ children we hope to help this year!
All the best,

Priscilla Ma
Executive Director

Your servants for Jesus sake,

Rex & Carol

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