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Welcome to the Alma House of Prayer website.  We are blessed that you have visited us today.  We are expanding our website to enable anyone interested to remain updated on our activities and worship based prayer meetings.  Feel free to browse, leave comments, submit prayer requests and keep abreast of future gatherings of worship based prayer.  Shortly we will be making sermons available that will encourage you and draw you into a deeper walk with Jesus, the object of our worship, praise and prayer.

Join us at  550 N. Luce, Alma (See Maps & Directions)

Isa. 56:6-7 made it plain to us,  “Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine alter: for mine house shall be called a HOUSE OF PRAYER for all people.”

  • We refer to our “Gathering” as the “Alma House of Prayer.” It is obvious that this is not the only “House of Prayer” that God is raising up in this final hour. God is making prayer a world wide call to the church.
  • We are located in the city of Alma, close to the very center of Michigan. “Alma”, means “nourishment for the soul.”
  • Our worship-based prayers will cover first of all, our great state and will then spread to the ends of the Earth. While the enemy accuses the brethren night and day, God is raising up a people who will overcome the enemy with night and day prayer.
  • As our Lord Jesus gathers more and more believers, we will add more and more times of worship and prayer.
  • The vision is to provide a place that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering up round the clock worship and prayer.
  • We will gather first and foremost to entertain God. To be in His presence and fellowship with the Father.

We picture a place where people can come and focus on God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost any time of the day or night. Believers will be available to join you in prayer, or you can pray in solitude. The Word will be proclaimed and soul nourishing worship will lift the hearts of people. We will touch the heart of God. He has promised to “Make us Joyful in His House of Prayer!” Our prayers are for you and your loved ones. Your servants for Jesus sake, Rex & Carol Webb

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  1. Bill Switzer says:

    So goes Michigan, so goes the Nation. Prophets have said ;that this is the year 5776 the year of the door in Hebrew. From the middle of March till the middle of June there will be an open door, an opening in the spiritual world. A dispersion of spiritual openings that have been closed in the past. This time period, kiros in the Hebrew, from Passover to firstfruits, or Pentecost is very revealing..AS ONE, BILL Switzer

  2. LIsa Mueller says:

    Many blessings to you, Rex and Carol, for being faithful servants of God and praying so fervently for His children and for those who are not yet part of His Church. Your dedication to prayer and worship is awesome! I, personally cannot wait until your sermons are available online, since we currently are too far away to participate in your services. God will be showering His blessings upon the Alma House of Prayer!

    In Christ, Lisa & Bob Mueller

  3. Robert and Marcellia Hopkins says:

    Praise the Lord Jesus! So glad to hear and see the ministry changing people’s lives! Keep up the great work in ad advancing His Kingdom in this earth! What a time we are living in the hour of Power and Glory! I believe in y’all! Pastor/ Evangelist Courts of Praise Church, Cajun Country..Jennings La! Preacherman

  4. Shelby says:

    Everyone truly makes you feel right at home. Jesus tells us, “Come to Me..just as you are.” In the midst of our hurts, fears, addictions and brokenness. He wants us to bring it all before Him. Jesus is the only one who can heal, restore and make us new. We are never too far gone or too broken for Jesus and The Alma House of Prayer shows just that. The love and acceptance of Jesus. Come today and let us pray. We are in this together.

  5. Sharon Cole says:


  6. Larry says:

    Praise God bless on your family and friends God Bless

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